Pets and Seizures

There are a number of things that may cause seizures in pets. Epilepsy is when a pet has seizures for unknown reasons. Some other reasons for seizures may include: environmental toxins, being over vaccinated, and prior illnesses such as a infections, immune disorders, neurological disorders, and parasites.

What to Do

Diet: Sometimes seizures can be triggered by food sensitivities. Knowing how your pet tolerates different foods will give you good guidance on how to feed your pet the best diet.
Acupuncture: Regular visits to the acupuncture can help prevent seizures by moving energy into specific points of the body.
Fatty Acids: Fatty Acids from fish oil, coconut oil, and other sources have been known to improve certain neurons in the brain which can decrease the chance of your pet having a seizure.
Chiropractic: Regular chiropractic adjustments can help with past illnesses or injuries that may be the root cause of a pet’s seizures.
Supplements: There are various types of herbs, homeopathics, nutritionals, and flower essences that can help prevent seizures.What to Avoid:
Toxins: Environmental toxins are all around us but we can minimize the amount that our pets are expose to. Here are some toxins to be mindful of: exhaust, contaminated drinking water, smoke from cigarettes, flea & tick products, additives, and preservatives, just to name a few.
Over Vaccinating: Over vaccinating can put extra toxins in the body, which our pets may not need.
Stress: Consider situations that may cause extra stress for your pet. These events (moving to a new home, being left alone for extended periods of time, staying for a long period of time at a boarder) can cause extra stress, which in turn can lead to seizures in pets.

What Can PetMedella Do For You?

Using the PetMedella Wellness Analysis, we are able to determine what food & environmental sensitivities are directly effecting the health of your pet, how much stress is on specific systems & organs of the body, if your pet has resonating toxins keeping them from living an optimal life, and whether or not your pet has nutritional imbalances and which supplements will best meet their needs.
To order the PetMedella Wellness Analysis kit, please call 612-812-9121.